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Seeing God in the Everyday

God is so much bigger, better, smarter, capable and more of a completely unsolvable mystery than we ever give Him credit for. Part of the fun and adventure of being a Christian is knowing a God Who can’t be explained and learning to let Him lead the story.

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Can You Relate?

Reading about me four thousand years after I lived, it might be easy to forget about my human-ness or remember that the same things that drove me are often the same things that drive you when life gets really hard.

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Lessons in Love: Part 2

I served and loved God for many years before I truly embraced the fact that He loved me. Unfortunately, keeping that wall up is what allowed me to be conditional with others. I didn’t want to love others because they hurt me, they disappointed me, or they didn’t live like I did. Maybe I was nice to them, but I was judging them.

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His Image Before Ours

Sometimes the best life lessons are learned through other’s mistakes. Saul, the first king of Israel, is exhibit A. Here is a man full of such promise. At first, he appears to be God’s man. But over time, his true heart allegiance is revealed.

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LifeAngelise SchraderComment

Childhood. It can be magic, and it is my belief that reconnecting with those imaginative parts of ourselves is what will bring us closer to the people Jesus intended us to be.

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LifeRachel ClairComment
For In Community, We Are Whole

May we never lose the wonder of community. May we never get so caught up in our own realities and needs that we forget how much we need one another. May we never believe the hype of the seeming star role and forgot about the supporting roles that make it all work. 

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