Hope Through Terror

It was not easy for me to live through this fear, and although I have felt the fear of terrorism very few times living back home in the United States, it was never as frequent as it was while living in Europe. But I had to be brave, and I had to trust in my God Almighty. My hope was in Him, and my faith was in Him.

LifeMishelle Bravo
The Ministry of Open Adoption

Adoption is not just about us, and it’s not just about that child. It’s also about the third member of the adoption triad. What a tremendous opportunity to share God’s love and grace. What a chance to serve someone in great need of support, love, and commitment. 

FaithKathie Harris
6 Podcasts That Will Change Your Life

Lately, I have discovered a few podcasts that have really changed my life. They have challenged me and grown me in new ways and have deepened my faith. I’d like to share these 6 podcast episodes with you in hopes that they will grow yours too.

When Friendships Change

God created seasons for a reason and often, He brings others into our lives for a season only for you two to part ways. It is not intended to hurt you, but to help you grow.

LifeKayla Elder

It was also in the months after I miscarried, that I went through a time of spiritual stagnation where I fought to keep my zeal. Zeal is having a pursuit of something and I wanted to pursue Jesus. I got to the point where I knew I needed to have Him heal me, not just once but continually.

Racism in the Church

Jesus talks a lot about loving those that have different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. The church should be the place where all of this is occurring, yet so often it is the place where we exclude ourselves the most.

CultureTaylor Carr
Finding Hope in the Middle of Grief

You might be wondering how I am still standing after what I have experienced. And my answer is always the same: JesusHe is the only way that I have survived the loss of my parents. He is the only way that I have been healed and delivered from depression, loneliness, and anxiety. And He is the answer to your survival as well.

LifeBethany Boyton
A Calling of Leadership

We can be effective mentors and empower others to lead by being engaged and influential leaders ourselves. We can choose to be aware of the problems and opportunities around us.

LifeAlexandra Tresch
Overcoming Insecurity in Dating

If you live by praise, then you will die by criticism. The word of God is truth and fact. Live your life and plant your relationship on what God says about you, not on what your boyfriend says about you. 

WomanhoodSara Rima