Finding Your Tribe

I decided to take a break from leading for the time being. I was ready to sit under someone else’s leadership for a while. I remember trying to find the right fit for my mom-of-a-preschooler schedule. The list dwindled to just a few options.

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LifeAshley FerrisComment
Be Still

How incredible is our Lord, who saved an entire nation from captivity all those decades ago and is still in the same business today! He is actively in our lives today, ensuring His promises to us, His children. 

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FaithKaitlyn DownsComment
Songs For the Wilderness

She Leads Daily has curated a playlist of songs for times of lament. There are songs of outrage, songs of doubt and songs of grief. There are songs that question where God is and who we are. These moments of sorrow and confusion lead you to songs that speak the truth of a faithful, unchanging God who never leaves us. 

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LifeErin EastComment
The Eternal Is...

We live in a world in love with conflict. Across Europe and America an ideology of hate is gaining strength. Its fuel is fear – fear of difference. It thrives on division – on creating an us versus them culture.

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