For In Community, We Are Whole

May we never lose the wonder of community. May we never get so caught up in our own realities and needs that we forget how much we need one another. May we never believe the hype of the seeming star role and forgot about the supporting roles that make it all work. 

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A New Outlook

Whether you’re a stay at home mom, college student, or even living your dream life, we can find ourselves second guessing. So don’t feel guilty that this year around the sparklers are not as bright and the bubbly juice is not as sweet.

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Pursuing Vision for the Year Ahead

The world’s top leadership ideology will tell you to have a vision for where you want to go, and what you want to do. We dream because that is how God made us. I am simply echoing that and applying the biblical principle of submitting all you dreams and desires to Jesus and letting Him influence what you go after in the next year.

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LifeAshley FerrisComment
In the Wilderness

In a broken world, life often goes awry, and we find ourselves lost in the wilderness; lonely, abandoned, forgotten and discarded.  Whether it be trauma, loss, rejection, disaster or even doubt, it is easy to wonder where God is in these moments.

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LifeLori MillerComment
Child of Wonder

See God’s love for you the way a mother sees a baby. Know God’s delight in you the way a child delights in his surroundings. Experience wonder the way only a child can, and through it all, know God’s in a whole new way.

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WomanhoodRachel ClairComment