When Women Judge

Placing yourself as judge over someone, is taking the place reserved for God. When Jesus walked the earth, He lowered Himself by serving. He washed the filthy feet of His own disciples.

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WomanhoodTammy Adams
Finding Redemption in Motherhood

Whether it's the pressures of being the Pinterest perfect mom or its counter-image of the snarky, wine-guzzling mom, motherhood feels like an impossible burden to bear. Where can we find our joy again? By remembering our Creator designed us for many things, and His grace abounds. I believe God’s design for motherhood looks much more like a beautiful mess, and less like a hot mess.

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WomanhoodKathie Harris
Sustaining Friendships

Sustaining friendships is difficult. They require something of us. They require us to be intentional. This is the same in dating relationships. You are apart of something, that now requires you to serve. It’s no longer just about you and your needs. Being a good friend, and sustaining a friendship is all about service.

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LifeTaylor Carr
Finding Your Purpose

Finding your purpose in life isn’t about having all of the answers right here and right now. It is about becoming who God created you to be and doing what He has called you to do, right now.

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FaithNatalia Crawford
Overcoming Guilt

Guilt is ruling our life and we need to change that. When we do things out of guilt we have lost sight of the true meaning and purpose behind what we do, and therefore lose a sense of self and self-worth. You and I are way too valuable to go about feeling guilty. We were not created to be victims but to be victors.

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WomanhoodNatalia Crawford
Racism and The Church

In many ways, the church is a reflection of the environment around it. There are large communities of white Christians who honestly believe racism is an historical issue, not a current one. They don’t believe in systemic racism, and they explain away the stories of police brutality flippantly. Meanwhile, communities of color are living in fear and tremendous grief. We sit next to them in church, but we don’t serve them in their suffering.

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CultureKathie Harris