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We All Need a Mentor

When I mess up or get stuck – whether it’s a poorly handled argument with my husband, a dry season in my faith, an overwhelming financial decision – I just want to shout for help in hopes that someone further along the trail will come back, grab my arm and guide me on. Except when help doesn’t come, I start to believe I must do it all, be it all and figure it all out myself.

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Words of Truth

She Leads Daily reached out to readers to hear their thoughts about beauty. At times, when you doubt yourself, when you question your looks, your liveliness, your value, here are truths you can lean on.

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The Path from Perfection

Shifting from a Martha to a Mary mindset required an unraveling of lies. It still does. I have to choose every day to let go a bit more. It’s messy, it’s imperfect and I often find myself going back to my checklist in an effort to regain control.

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Child of Wonder

See God’s love for you the way a mother sees a baby. Know God’s delight in you the way a child delights in his surroundings. Experience wonder the way only a child can, and through it all, know God’s in a whole new way.

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