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You Are What You Eat

There is nothing more powerful than seeing women around you embracing who they are and becoming the healthiest versions of themselves! If each of us could be more concerned with creating healthy lifestyles that glorify the Lord and less concerned with the newest diet, we could all be well on our way to unstoppable. 

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Reviving Kindness in a Defensive Culture

We don’t have to shout the loudest or cause the biggest riot in order to bring people to Jesus, His whisper is loud enough to carry across every screaming voice. We don’t need to bring another argument, we just need to bring the presence of God. That is how revival happens. That is how we change the world. Not with a megaphone, but with intentional acts of unconditional kindness.

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Church's Response to Civil Rights Revival

This lack of reconciliation comes from an unfinished work. Prejudice and racism did not end with the conclusion of slavery. Not with Brown vs. the Board of Education. Not with the Civil Rights Movement. White and black brothers and sisters in Christ sit in the pews next to each other in church, but are too often strangers outside of it.

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Racism and The Church

In many ways, the church is a reflection of the environment around it. There are large communities of white Christians who honestly believe racism is an historical issue, not a current one. They don’t believe in systemic racism, and they explain away the stories of police brutality flippantly. Meanwhile, communities of color are living in fear and tremendous grief. We sit next to them in church, but we don’t serve them in their suffering.

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