Finding Your Unique Business Message

Just like God has been writing the big story of redemption across all of history … he’s writing your business story.

It’s been shaped by the experiences, gifts, and opinions he’s uniquely given you. It’s what makes you different from everyone else in your industry. And it’s what he wants you to use to attract the clients he has waiting for you.

But you’ve gotta know what your story is and how that shapes your unique message so you can finally stand out and be the leader you were made to be.

I’m going to share today a few ways to find that message so you can share it with the world.

Your People

We’re all hear to serve others, and for your business, I bet you serve a specific group of people as you help them transform their lives in some way. One way you can stand out in the crowd is by getting ultra specific with the type of person you serve. 

We have they been through? What do they want to change? When in their lives are you walking alongside them? The answer to one of those questions could be a differentiator for you in your market.

Their Problem

The best businesses solve problems. You can find your unique message by niching down to focus on one specific problem that you solve for people or one challenge you help them overcome.

Not only does this speak to your potential clients but it serves the ultimate good as you help to bear their burden and overcome it altogether.

Your Process

Maybe your people and their problem are pretty average, but there is likely something special about the way you approach it that makes you unique. Every person is creative in their own way, and God has also given us personal passions that stamp our every move even in our business.

By writing out exactly how you would work with someone to overcome their problem and looking around at others in your industry, you’ll see what separates you from the pack in a good way so you can stand out from the rest.

Your Story

This is the part that’s often overlooked because it’s easy for us to dismiss ourselves, our experiences, and our perspectives. However, God brought you through your journey to prepare you for this moment in your life. He wants you to serve others like only you can.

That’s why pulling from your personal story, training, and opinions can help differentiate you from others in your industry. It can be subtle, but it might make all the difference.

Standing in your own story is challenging, especially when it’s personal to you and it might mean turning off people who aren’t your ideal clients or customers … but it’s also how we step fully into our calling from the Lord. 

We can’t hold back any longer. It’s time that we step into our purpose and lead the way we were created to. As we do, we’ll find that we are finally able to serve the way we always dreamed.

Your gift can be a gift to others, but you’ve got to share it first using your unique message.

LifeKate BoydComment