Afraid To Let Go

 Is there something that God has asked you to give up? Are you afraid to? Is it a relationship, an addiction, a mindset, a desire, or a person or social media? Can I ask an even more difficult question, why are you afraid to give it up? I know for me I have struggled with a lot of different things that I had felt God asked me to give up. I didn’t always listen to him right away, which caused me to suffer longer. Sometimes God had asked me to give up something that in itself was good, yet it had taken the place of Him in my life. Other times, the things he has asked me to give up, was because it was polluting my soul. God wants us to be able to grow fully in him, and sometimes the things we love are distracting us and causing us to focus more on ourselves more than on Jesus. This can cause our relationship with God to grow weak and our happiness is depended more on the situation than on Jesus. 

God wants your full attention, and there can be something that is holding you back from giving that to him. I know for me, it was dating. I didn't date a lot, but it was always on my mind. Marriage has always been a desire of my heart. There is nothing wrong with having a desire for marriage, until our minds and souls are consumed by it. This was me. I wanted someone to date so bad, that it was all I could think about. I began to settle, by dating guys I knew God didn’t want me to. Through these relationships, it only caused me to feel more empty and left me completely unsatisfied. I was happy with the idea of the man, but not the man himself. The only love that could satisfy my heart was God’s. I have been a Christian my whole life, I knew this truth, yet I wasn’t living it out. God asked me to give up dating for a while and focus more on him. I needed a changed mindset. It wasn’t just that I didn’t go on dates, I also had to change my mindset towards love. I had to let God’s love saturate my heart. Through this, I never felt more satisfied in my life. I can’t even begin to explain what God has done in my life.

Sometimes we don’t even know the impact it can have on us, until we listen to God’s voice and follow his leading. It is so encouraging to remember that our God knows what is best for us, even when we don’t. 

What is it God has asked you to give up? Removing it could allow more of Jesus into your life and your heart. It can be scary, or uncomfortable to give up something that you are used to, and may even love. For me it was scary to give up something that I really desired. He didn’t ask me to give it up for ever, just for a season. God doesn’t ask us to give up these things to punish us, He always knows what is best. I am challenging you to listen to what God has placed on your heart to release, and give it to him. 


God open my eyes to what it is that is hindering me from growing in you. I ask that you would open my heart and my mind to what you are about to tell me. Whatever it is, I will be obedient. God, I want to grow in you and I want our relationship to be at the center of my life. If it isn’t, would you reveal to me what is. I want more of you and I ask that your love would penetrate my heart. Thank you for your unconditional, amazing, fulfilling love.

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