Church's Response to Civil Rights Revival

This lack of reconciliation comes from an unfinished work. Prejudice and racism did not end with the conclusion of slavery. Not with Brown vs. the Board of Education. Not with the Civil Rights Movement. White and black brothers and sisters in Christ sit in the pews next to each other in church, but are too often strangers outside of it.

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Women Who Brought Revival to the Slums

Due to this woman’s willingness to become the vessel for the living water, many came to realize he was not a stranger after all. He was the one they’d been waiting for, promised by the prophets. He was Jesus and many in Samaria made Him their Lord. A great revival starts with one willing heart.

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A Letter from Our Editor

I would like to give someone else the opportunity to run and own She Leads Daily. She Leads Daily was my first business, it's what I have spent the past 4 years building, praying for, crying, working on, and given so much of myself, time, energy and finances to. It is something that I still believe in and would love to see it continue.

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LifeNatalia Crawford
When Women Judge

Placing yourself as judge over someone, is taking the place reserved for God. When Jesus walked the earth, He lowered Himself by serving. He washed the filthy feet of His own disciples.

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WomanhoodTammy Adams