Overcoming Insecurity in Dating

If you live by praise, then you will die by criticism. The word of God is truth and fact. Live your life and plant your relationship on what God says about you, not on what your boyfriend says about you. 

WomanhoodSara Rima
A Call To Be Single

Nowhere in our Bible is singleness looked at in a negative light. In fact, this opportunity is looked at as a gift. That might not be the case for many of you in this season, but it is. This article is a look at the call of being single. Jesus has planned and purposed our lives for such a time, and we need to make the most of every season and opportunity that He gives us.

WomanhoodSara Rima
Why I Think The Church Gets Immigration Wrong

The truth is that the word "criminal" should never be coupled with a specific race. Not Hispanic, not Black not Asian or White. Not any or all other races you can think of. We are all just people who want a chance at a good life and we too are children of and loved by God.

A Season of Preparation

God will use seasons of preparation to help us grow, teach us and prepare us. It is crucial for our success and well-being to understand that we will go through different seasons in our careers.

LifeAlexandra Tresch
A Student's Purpose

Our purpose is more than to be a college student, but it is to serve the God who has saved us and live a life that points to Him. I have learned that my purpose as a student is to continue to learn and expand my knowledge, but also continue to trust in our ever-loving God.

LifeMishelle Bravo
Pursuing Purpose

God uses all talents, to share the gospel. Pursue your calling today, and remember that God made you unique. Your life may look totally different than you thought it would right now, but I am encouraging you to not abandon that dream in your heart, to not look at the success of others and compare yourself, and to not let time limit the calling you have on your life. Start today.

FaithTaylor Carr
Setting an Example on Campus

Our lives are a living testimony, who we are speaks louder than words, and it is up to us to set an example to the people in our campus, in our class, wherever we may be as a student.

LifeMishelle Bravo