Truth, Love and the LGBTQ Community

We are an individualistic society. We worship safety and comfort. How much more Christ-like would it be 

to step outside our comfort zones in our own communities and say YES to shopping at the mall, 

YES to lunch, YES to Bible study. Just as Christ did when He saved us on the cross.

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CultureKathie Harris
Beauty in Purity

Let God speak to you regarding this topic. His Word is full of good wisdom. And also, if you haven’t remained abstinent, this article isn’t to shame you or make you feel guilt. You are so fully loved by your Heavenly Father, and he isn’t mad at you. God redeems.

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WomanhoodTaylor Carr
Loving Refugees

If we want to love like Jesus, we need to actually love like Him, and that means loving our family, our friends and neighbors. But that also means loving the refugees, no matter what our political, religion or war views are.

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LifeDanielle Roberts
Working in a Secular Industry

It may seem a little heavy handed to make such a big deal out of what may feel like something so little, but I think if we do not set ourselves apart in the smallest ways, how are we supposed to set ourselves apart in the big ones?

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CultureLisa Christine
Hope Through Terror

It was not easy for me to live through this fear, and although I have felt the fear of terrorism very few times living back home in the United States, it was never as frequent as it was while living in Europe. But I had to be brave, and I had to trust in my God Almighty. My hope was in Him, and my faith was in Him.

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LifeMishelle Bravo
The Ministry of Open Adoption

Adoption is not just about us, and it’s not just about that child. It’s also about the third member of the adoption triad. What a tremendous opportunity to share God’s love and grace. What a chance to serve someone in great need of support, love, and commitment. 

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FaithKathie Harris

It was also in the months after I miscarried, that I went through a time of spiritual stagnation where I fought to keep my zeal. Zeal is having a pursuit of something and I wanted to pursue Jesus. I got to the point where I knew I needed to have Him heal me, not just once but continually.

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