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Visible Quiet Times

Are you a parent just waiting on nap-time and the perfect amount of quiet before you dive into the word? Are you a college student waiting until no one might interrupt your perfected routine? We’ve all been there. And like Jesus tells us, there’s time to go away and pray alone. But He also tells us to go and tell.

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FaithLacey RabalaisComment
Be Still

How incredible is our Lord, who saved an entire nation from captivity all those decades ago and is still in the same business today! He is actively in our lives today, ensuring His promises to us, His children. 

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FaithKaitlyn DownsComment
Dependence in the Wilderness

I've always loved superhero movies. Good conquering evil, usually in style, while putting their life on the line to rescue people they don't even know. A few years ago, after re-watching the best comic trilogy ever, a light bulb went off - the Holy Trinity is the one true superhero.

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Being a Temple

The question is: am I a space where God can dwell? Is there room – in my schedule, my thoughts, my finances, and the way I live my life – for God in me? Am I a temple, or am I a cluttered closet with no space for God to reside in? 

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Chosen by God

I realized in that moment when I call out my fears and give them a name, when I admit to myself and to Jesus what I'm struggling with, the burden is lifted. Disappointment still stings, however, it isn't crippling and it doesn't define who I am.

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