Note to Self

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It is easy to see how God is working all around us when we buckle down and really focus, but what happens the other 99.9% of the time when our lives get in the way? 

It is true: God is here for us, always. The problem is, sometimes we have trouble seeing Him. This is not some mind-blowing new epiphany, it is fact. God is always there whether we see Him or not, but what would happen if we could see Him every day in the simplest ways?

At the beginning of the year, my church made us fill out a card to ourselves with what we would hope to accomplish in the next six months. Six months passed and I open my mailbox to find that very same note inside with all my hopes and dreams from the beginning of the year on it. 

Stop…one of two things could happen…excitement at what I had accomplished or disappointment at my failure. Well, lucky me, both happened. I was excited at how far I had come and what I did accomplish, and I was disappointed in the tasks I let slip. Backtrack to that January morning when I was filling out my card and something sparked in me. What if there was a practical way to see God every day and be encouraged?

Thinking, praying, and a lot of discussion with others later, brought me to a few ways I could help stay on track with my goals and walk with the Lord. Although they are simple and might not seem to have a huge impact, trust me, they work. If you are willing to put a little time into yourself and growing not only in the Lord but into a stronger woman, below are a few applicable things to do to help you accomplish that!

1. Make a daily reminder jar:

Write down your thoughts, hopes, dreams, verses, anything that comes to mind and put them in a jar. Each day, take out a slip and try to take a step forward in accomplishing that goal, or pray about it, or whatever you have written, take a moment to relish those words and stay focused on them.

2. Find notes, inspirational sayings, and verses to hang at your workplace:

Simple right? I know it sounds silly, but I have an affinity for Pinterest, along with everyone else, and some of the best quotes and scriptures are on there with pretty backgrounds and fun pictures. I love printing them off and pinning them up where I work. When I am really stressed, I look up and see a scripture and am able to refocus on what is really important. As an added bonus, people will also see these notes and whether you know it or not, you can make an impact on them without ever saying a word!

3. Make a “love yourself” calendar:

Admittedly, my mum did this for me for the month of February. She wrote lovely things about me on post-its. How to look in the mirror and say, “I am beautiful,” how to “Eat like I love myself,” the most powerful indeed was, “If I were to ask you to list all the things you love, how long would it take for you to list yourself.” These little notes I pulled off each day gave me a resounding assurance that I am okay and I am stronger than I know. I encourage you to make a calendar of your own with statements about how strong you are and by the end of the month, I guarantee you will start to look at yourself differently.

I understand these don’t look like huge, life changing things that will alter the very course of history, but I have found in my limited experience that more often than not, it is the little things we cultivate that become the big things we live. Start today by keeping a positive outlook and surrounding yourself with the Lord, even if only by a simple note.

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