Brunch + Friends

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Sipping coffee on a quiet Saturday morning with no errands to run, no calls to answer, no work to do…is this a fairytale?

Let’s be real for a second. In today’s world, it is really hard to capture a moment for yourself, like all by yourself. No friends. No family. Nothing. Those moments are so few and far between that when they do happen we must cherish them dearly, because guess what, everyone needs to be alone sometimes. 

Now, this may seem like a total 360, but for as important as it is to be alone, it is even more important to be with people. We are so busy going that we don’t schedule alone time and we don’t schedule friend time. 

Okay, okay, ‘schedule’ seems like a strong word, but if we don’t put it on the calendar and tell everyone, we will probably end up not prioritizing either thing. 

Some of my best memories are simply being with my friends. Pizza on the living room floor helping a girlfriend move in. Crying at Olive Garden when my friend’s boyfriend told her he loved her. Going to see Tony Bennet with my best friend (yes that happened, don’t judge, he is amazing and I would do it 10x over). 

Memories can be made all around you, every day alone or with someone, but being able to look over and share a moment with someone is priceless. We need to take a step back from our crazy busy lives of marriage, family and work. Don’t feel guilty about scheduling time to have fun with your girlfriends! 

There are countless verses in the bible that speak about true friendship and council, and the importance it should hold in our lives. Honestly, if we look at the greatest example of all time, Jesus, He surrounded himself with friends at every turn. He was the one guy in history that actually could have done life on His own.

This isn’t a hard concept to understand, it is just hard to put into action. It is simple and incredibly difficult. 

You can go have a giant party and laugh, talk and dance the night away. You can sit in the corner of a coffee shop and cry over past memories. You can gather for brunch or go bowling. 

Just do something, together. 

I challenge you to call up your friend, the one you have been meaning to get together with for ages, and do something together. Get together and share your life, share your hardships, share you victories, have someone to celebrate and praise with. Share with your friend.

My biggest tip for getting together with friends, which is my secret weapon, is making food the center! I love food and so do most people. Search best brunches in your area and try someplace new. The kitchen is the soul of the home, if you can’t get out, invite someone over and make a fun meal.

If you live in or around the Atlanta, Georgia area (or want to take a fun little roadtrip), this city loves brunch! Below are a few of the best brunch spots in town. Call up a girlfriend and make a date!

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