A Letter from the Artist

16 KG letter from the artist - hian oliveira.jpg

My Masterpiece, 

I held you in my hands long before you took your first breath, already knowing the work of art you would become. 

As I molded your features, so did I shape your future. And what beauty they both hold. 

Your curves, your quirks, your height, your heft, your kinky hair and the color of your skin -- they’re no accident. I formed you just the way I desired. 

I sculpted a life of prosperity, of victory. I chiseled away all despair, any trace of neglect. Instead of fear I ingrained in you my hope and peace. 

You were set apart from the beginning, chosen and pursued. My fingerprints were impressed upon you.

And then the day you said yes to me in return -- ah -- that day. I took the pieces that make you you and I made them new. 

You were washed clean, forgiven. A spotless canvas.

And then I picked the most vibrant colors and hues that bring nuance and texture to my character, and I gave them to you.

With each brushstroke your true identity came into sharper focus. 

You looked so much like me -- covered in my grace, my love, my power and my might. The past was buried, forgotten. And in its place there was only beauty.

You stood before me my adopted daughter -- glorified and righteous -- your story intertwined with my Son’s.

I stitched within you a spirit of boldness and power. Courage, wisdom and self-discipline were woven into your core. 

I knit you together with precision and distinctiveness, a pattern unlike any other. 

Lovingly, I allow trials to come your way, knowing their fire will forge you into a force for my kingdom. 

I see you. Not your fissures and flaws, not the chinks in your armor. No, I see your soul welded with mine, simultaneously a servant and a saint. 

I’ve written a new song in your heart. 

Watching you step into your freedom, using your gifts to bring glory to heaven, is music to my ears. 

You continue to grow more sure, steady and strong. I stand back and look at you, amazed. 

You are a treasure, my greatest work. I delight in you. 

Love, always. 

Your Creator