Identity is Our Fuel

Do you know why you are here? 

Is it to breathe some air, eat some food, and take up your corner of earth for 80-some years? Is it to enjoy some parties, raise some kids, focus on some health issues and make some money?

How many of us are unknowingly living our lives thinking that is all there is to life? How many of us have been lulled into thinking it’s just about our little circle of the universe and what we do has no impact outside of that?

Friend, your life has so much more meaning. 

There is a seed of who God is planted in the soil of who you are. You are an image of the invisible God, made like Him: mind, body, soul and spirit. And I’m hoping in 500 words that I can remind you that there is a much, much bigger reason why you are here. There is someone who doesn’t want you to know that, because knowing who you really are has eternal ramifications.

You see, this world we live in, it’s not the only reality. In fact, it’s the lesser of our realities. The real reality is a world you can’t see. You catch a whiff of it in a majestic moment looking at the beauty of creation or when you tear up when you hear about a new member of the family being born. You may, for just a second, capture it in a worship song or in a moment of stillness in the Word as you bask in the presence of a Daddy who loves you.

Your identity in that world is: “child of God.” 

If you believe Jesus is Lord and that He was raised from the dead, then you you are a citizen of a heavenly city. You, my dear, are a daughter of the King of that city. Romans 8 declares that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead now lives in you.

You understanding this changes how you show up in the world. You’re not here to eat some cake, go to some baby showers and spend some money. You are here to speak life to people who are living in darkness. You are here to break strongholds. You are here to walk in identity that trusts in Someone far bigger than you, who has called you to bring liberty to the captives. (Isaiah 61

You’re not just fighting your own thoughts, but spiritual forces in the heavenly realms who seek to keep you from walking in the fullness of your identity. (Ephesians 6:12) Those health challenges, that irritating family member, those imperfections -- distractions. There is an enemy of our soul who knows just how powerful it would be if you stopped looking at these insignificant earthly problems and forgot about the Image you have been made in.

Because if you knew who you really were, daughter, you would cause havoc in the spiritual places. Knowing who we are, means we show up in a way that is ready to demolish the forces of darkness not only in our lives, but in the lives around us.

You have a purpose here. Your identity changes how you show up in the world. Knowing you are not made as just flesh and blood, but in the image of an invisible God. He has placed you in this specific family, neighborhood and generation to fulfill your part in the Body of Christ. When you walk in the humble confidence of Whose you are, your life will impact those around you and they will begin to step into their identities. 

When the Body starts functioning in the fullness of what God has ordained, Jesus will be coming back to get us to live in our real home. There is a wedding feast that is being prepared (Revelations 19), and you and I are the bride preparing herself for her groom. He is coming and He’s ready for us. It’s time to walk in our real identities. The ones we were designed to dance in from the beginning of creation.