Thriving Before Thirty

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Growing up, I believed I wouldn’t be where I wanted to be in my career until I was well into my 30’s. Somewhere along the way, however, within the seemingly overnight fast-paced millennium of the creation of home internet, flip-phones and non-denominational churches popping up across the U.S., millennials found their ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit! The next generation of leaders was born, and from what I see, they are not shy about proclaiming that their work is for the Lord and from Him!

Being a role model in society is not easy, but we have to hand it to these five women for following the path God has called them to. They are setting the bar high and helping other young women along the way.


Audrey Roloff - 26

Next month this beautiful soul will be turning 27 and though most will recognize her from the hit television show, “Little People Big World,” this incredible young woman of God does immeasurably more for the Kingdom. 

She is the powerhouse behind Always More, a life mantra turned inspirational business that is host to a blog, devotionals, clothing line and projects with her husband, Jeremy Roloff, such as Beating50Percent - a marriage ministry.

Also, she is the best mommy to sweet little Ember, who is capturing hearts each and every day. You will fall in love after seeing their Instagram, trust me.

Looking to Ephesians 3:20, “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine…,” Audrey seeks to “encourage women to always believe in the more that is within them through Christ."

Being a voice of Light in an often dark world, Audrey truly is a woman of God to model even at such a young age.


Lauren Taylor - 25

Introducing Lauren, unabashedly confident and empowering women in her daily journey. This (soon-to-be) San Francisco-based young lady is taking entrepreneurship to the next level - taking on a variety of passions all at once in her life.

She is a brand ambassador, founder of The Letter Book and a content creator. 

Within a few weeks of life-changing circumstances, Lauren launched The Letter, a book built on cultivating an uplifting and empowering community. Within its beautiful pages, readers will find hand-written notes of encouragement exchanged by women all over the world. 

She also partners with women empowering brands as a model, speaker, and ambassador to inspire women with big dreams to go for it.

Lauren continues to grow and move on God’s call in her life, wherever that path takes her.


Samantha Reilly - 21

Watch out world, there’s a daughter of God coming for you! Samantha is running laps around most young women her age and let me be the first to tell you how:

Previously employed by NBC Washington, now a desk assistant at ABC News (& she has already contributed to one article that I have seen in the short time she has been with them), accepted to Georgetown Law Class of 2022, and did I mention she is about to embark on her biggest adventure yet: The World Race!

This 21-year-old blogger is nothing short of a rare find, praising God daily for the life He has set before her.

Samantha will embark on her race in August, spending 11 months in 11 countries spreading the Gospel and love of God. To support her on this incredible mission and to follow her journey, visit

To stay up to date on her exciting up and coming days, or to scroll through her past ventures, visit her Instagram page - manthaonamission.


Sadie Robertson - 21

Umm hello, of course this young lady needs some recognition on this list! Sadie has been the voice of young Christian women across the U.S. since her family’s appearance on A&E’s hit reality television show, Duck Dynasty. Or maybe you recognize her from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, landing runner-up on season 19.

She broke out with her own ministry in 2014 at 17-years-old called Live Original, an organization whose mission it is to uplift and come alongside young women across the U.S. in their walk with Christ.

Author and motivational speaker, Sadie has a heart for reaching out to young women about self-confidence and positivity. Her honest, down-to-earth character leads her to be an amazing role model for not only young girls but her young adult peers.

She also created One Squad, a millennial-driven foundation under Help One Now that is committed to empowering and resourcing local leaders across the world who care for children and families in order to transform communities and end extreme poverty.

This young woman has only just started in her calling and I can’t wait to see how she leads the next generation into a Kingdom-driven era.


Hillary Jane - 24

Let’s get real! There is one girl that comes to mind when I think of someone unafraid to be herself even in the limelight - that is Hillary Jane.

As a Christian pop and hip-hop artist, Hillary is leading the way in a genre that doesn’t have many women. That, in and of itself, is incredible! Her sound is fresh and *rejoice with me* she is coming out with new music soon according to her social media pages!

Also noteworthy, she is host of The Confident Girl Blog. This platform was created to serve all women and foster a community of spiritual growth, building the readers confidence in Christ. The blog provides community, resources, teachings and discussions. 

Hillary is also a Youtuber, covering all the bases for being transparent and available to other young women who need a wonderful, relatable role model.


Each of these young women is living out their own unique calling on their lives. You can too! Just because you are young, does not mean you can’t start, that you can’t do the seemingly impossible, or that you can’t move on the calling God has placed in you because you are not X-years-old. You don’t have to wait for the perfect moment, because one does not exist. You, just like these young women, can do immeasurably more for the Kingdom if you simply trust God to lead your path and make a way.

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