Maintaining Sanity

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School’s out and all the momma’s know what that means…slowly losing sanity one activity at a time!

While summer may be a fun, even relaxing time for most, it is also the busiest time for parents. Kiddos are still waking up early wanting to know what is on the agenda for the day - pancakes for breakfast, the water park at noon, a friends birthday party at 2, watching Frozen for the millionth time before bed, and maybe they can ask you enough times to stay up late to make a pillow fort before zonking out. Day one down, two more months to go.

Ladies, here are some tips for this summer to keep your schedule straight and sanity in check. 


Tip 1: Take it to Jesus

With all the little hands grabbing at you and voices calling your name incessantly, take your exhaustion and frustrations to Jesus. While it certainly won’t be easy, set aside time each day to go to the Lord in prayer so that you may rejuvenate.

For my mother, she would take a bubble bath every single night. That was her alone time and we learned that at a very young age. Though we still would knock on the bathroom door every now and then, this was her time set aside and we grew up knowing that. Set your boundaries for time away and your kiddos will learn. Don’t feel bad for stepping away.

Make it an activity if you can’t seem to find time away from the littles. Schedule in “Jesus Time” with your kids, setting out some coloring pages (found at your local Christian store or online printables here) as you dive into some quiet time for yourself. Your kids may prefer singing and movement, so set up karaoke with worship songs and make it a daily, weekly or monthly tradition for your family.


Tip 2: Keep a Planner

At all times, have your planner at hand! This will be a lifesaver next time a friend wants to schedule a play date, work asks if you can stay late or your kids keep begging to go to their favorite toy store.

Keeping everything scheduled will do wonders for your sanity. Go ahead and pencil in some big activities for your kids - the zoo, making slime (which requires the planned time to go shopping for items), sleepovers and roller-skating with friends.

While everything can’t be scheduled due to spontaneity, you will be able to look down at your beautiful planner and see what openings you have, as well as when you should take a break.  


Tip 3: Leave Room for You

That’s right momma’s, summer isn’t just for the kids! Be sure to leave some time for yourself - maybe go get a manicure, your hair done, plan a hot date night (or make it a day) with your husband and take a shopping trip with just your girlfriends.

Downtime doesn’t always need to consist of cooking, cleaning, watching Disney films and taking all the errands. Stop to relax every now and then, have fun yourself!


Just because your kiddos have this time off from school does not mean you have to wait on them hand and foot, entertaining them at every turn. No one expects you to be on call 24/7 but yourself, so take a step back, breath and enjoy this summer as much as you can!

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