Women in Leadership

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“Why haven’t we had a woman president!?” I asked passionately, boldly and frankly, a bit angrily.

This is one of the many conversations that have taken place between my husband and I in our tiny vintage kitchen. The truth was that I had become frustrated, as a woman, with the lack of advancement. Seriously, what century are we in?

It’s not just in politics. I also got tired of going to churches and looking at the Pastor’s to see mostly male figures, mainly white male figures, sitting in the front row seats. Yes, we have women leading the women’s ministries, yes we see them as leaders in the children’s ministry, but no, we don’t see them leading churches or large movements. And when we do, they are separate from the church (think Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Christine Caine, etc.)


Since I’m already being so honest, I’ll share that I saw the 2008 election (Obama vs. Hilary) as the deciding factor as to whether our country was more sexist or racist. We all know the outcome-although looking back I’m not so sure that one is necessarily more prevalent to the other. And to be even more honest, as a non-Hilary supporter I don’t know that I wanted her to be the first female president (sorry to burst your bubble if you are a Hilary supporter).


Because I want the first woman president to be the best representation of what a woman in a position of leadership can do and who she can be.

We hear so many sides to this story. There are people who believe that women should not be leaders because we have different “qualities" that would make us bad ones. People who believe women’s sole purpose is to stay home and even people who believe that biblically women were not created to lead.

I beg to differ. I’d like to challenge those beliefs. I’d like for us to begin to open up to the possibility that a woman in leadership is not just a good thing — it’s a godly thing.

We see Jesus himself break the barriers when it comes to women in scripture.

We see women in leadership positions in the Bible.

We see women carry out some of the greatest and monumental responsibilities throughout the Word of God including but not limited to Esther, Mary and Deborah.

As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for Mary….well I’ll let you finish that sentence. Keep in mind a man had no role in her becoming pregnant with the Son of God. It was something she accomplished with God and then Joseph stepped in to help raise Him. 

My point is this, women CAN lead. Jesus believed in them and their abilities and God created them with the capacity to do so. Yet so many women- so many Christian woman- are afraid to lead. They are afraid to call themselves leaders and to step into roles of leadership.


I honestly believe that it is an attack on women. An attack meant to keep women out of leadership, and it comes straight from the enemy.

The enemy knows what women can accomplish when placed in a position of influence. He knows that as God’s women, we can do things that are powerful, influential and godly. He is trying to stop us, and we are letting him.

I want to encourage you, no, dare you today to be willing to look outside of your present circumstances and consider how God might be calling you to lead. Is He asking you to step into a position of influence in your community? In your church? In your home? At your children’s school?

Let God lead you into a position of leadership and believe that you were born to be a woman with power who can advance God’s Kingdom.

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