SHE Interview: Kristi Mann

She Leads Daily: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Kristi: I'm Kristi and I'm 26 years old living in Austin, TX. I'm the mom to an adorable 2 1/2 year old goldendoodle named Bentley. I'm also a mentor and summer league softball coach to a 4th grade girl named Hathy. I'm a yogi, half marathon runner and spin enthusiast who loves the outdoors. 

She Leads Daily: What is Ignite the Light?

Kristi: Ignite the Light is in the works of becoming a nonprofit focused on educating people about the effects of labor trafficking in the fashion industry. I believe that if we educate people and provide fair trade clothing options, people will be empowered to make a conscious change within their wardrobe. 

She Leads Daily: Why did you start Ignite the Light?

Kristi: Honestly, I didn't realize the problem when it comes to labor trafficking. I knew about sex trafficking, but nothing about labor trafficking. Once my eyes were opened to the problem, I felt very lead to make a difference in my own life, while also trying to help make a bigger impact on a larger scale.

She Leads Daily: How can people become a part of making a difference when it comes to this issue?

Kristi: Shop smart! Come to our website - - where we have already done the research for you. We find vendors that align with our mission and vision so that you don't have to do the research yourself. Shop local and shop used. A lot of the big companies we all know and love are not safely manufacturing their clothing. These are the big vendors that eventually we want to hold accountable. 

She Leads Daily: What are the biggest lessons you have learned when it comes to pursuing your passion?

Kristi: I am regularly reminded how little I know about what I'm doing. I've never started a business, yet alone tried to help make a huge social change. I'm learning to talk about my idea to everyone I know, because there are a lot of people in my social circle and in my life that have more experience than I do in this area. Taking advantage of those resources has been incredibly helpful. 

She Leads Daily: How has your faith played a role as you pursue this?

Kristi: I only have God to thank for this idea. I took a Bible class at my church on human trafficking back in November and this is where I am now. I firmly believe that this is His plan and I'm doing my best to follow through and make it happen as best as I can. I know that I never would have been able to create this idea on my own, and acknowledging that in itself is amazing. 

She Leads Daily: What advice do you have for other women who have an idea and are afraid to pursue it or are unsure of how to do it?

Kristi: Take the leap. The first step is the scariest. I created an instagram within 48 hours of realizing the idea. I wanted to make sure that this was a lifelong passion, and not just something I would care about for 2 weeks and move on from. Once I realized that this idea wasn't going away, I started moving forward full speed. I created a website, purchased a domain, and created an email within the first 2 weeks. Start blogging. Make sure you can explain why YOU care, so that people will be able to feel your passion and want to join in with you. Use your mentors. They are full of helpful advice. PRAY! Always turn to the Lord in prayer. 

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