Overcoming Overwhelm

When you are dealing with an issue or a problem that is overwhelming you, one of the things that I find that other christians will tell you is that God is already working on it, even though you cannot see him. This has become a bit of a cliche phrase and it’s constantly thrown your way. I know we might not want to admit it, but sometimes that statement doesn’t change our mindset towards the problem. We cannot see God, and so the problem seems more real than Him. How many of us have felt this way? I know I am not the only one. Of course God is working on it, yet we can’t see how He is, or when the problem will go away. I have dealt with this recently, and God is reminding me that He holds everything, and worrying will only cause more pain and fear to arise. 

    This year, has been my busiest year yet. Don’t get me wrong, it is extremely rewarding, but also very time consuming. I would become overwhelmed easily by all of the things that had to get done, and by all of the things that were going on in my life, that I forgotten to focus on the one who blessed me with all these amazing opportunities. I became consumed with all that I could physically see, instead of what God was doing on the inside. I was always tired, drained, and even mentally weak. I was too busy focusing on my own strength and I was trying to do it alone. The other day I was talking to one of my friends and he shared something so real, that spoke right to my heart. He said, “What you have done on your own, has to be sustained by you, you have to keep it up and try to spin all of your plates at the same time. God didn’t create us to sustain ourselves, it’s impossible. He has to be the one who sustains you. Hand over the things you have been trying to do on your own, because you can’t do it, and you weren’t meant to.” How powerful is that? It is much more than having the knowledge that God is working on your problem, but also having the knowledge that you don’t have to. It is scary to trust someone completely, but God has already given us every reason to trust him.

I remember one day I woke up and looked at what seemed to be a never ending list of all of the things I had to get done that day, and I immediately became overwhelmed. I hadn’t been reading my bible everyday because I felt that I didn’t have time to (I had to make the time, and I didn’t). I would start my day trying to get through the list, and I started to leave God out of it. Once day I decided that despite all I had to get done, I would read my word and start my day with Him. I don’t have a story to tell you about how I finished everything before the due date, or about how I was extra productive that day. Instead I want to tell you that the circumstances remained the same; it was my mindset that had changed. I let God into my problems, into my fears and he completely changed my mindset. He tells us to take one day at a time. It says, “Don’t worry about tomorrow. It will take care of itself. You have enough to worry about today.” in Matthew 6:34 CEV. God wants you to focus on him, and the plans he has for you today. 

I was reminded of the one who provided these opportunities, and I was just thankful for being trusted with these incredible blessings. God is less interested in our productivity, and more interested in the well being of our soul. He doesn’t care if I don’t finish my list at the end of the day, he just wants to make sure my soul is right with him. I was given these opportunities, not because I meet all of the qualifications, but because I am willing to be used by him. I want to encourage you to open your heart up to what God is trying to tell you in this season of life that you are going through.. So many times our prayer is for peace, or for the storm to subside, and those are good things to pray for, yet often times God is trying to teach us something through the storm.  Sometimes He comes, not to change the storm, but to change our perspective of it. 

Job 40:6

Then out of the storm the Lord said to Job - I love this verse because it tells us that God speaks out of the storm. God can speak to you in the midst of your storm, when you are feeling overwhelmed. Open your heart to what he has to tell you. 

Psalm 50:3

Our God approaches, but not silently; a flaming fire comes first, and a storm surrounds him.

Matthew 11:28-30 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest. Take the yoke I give you. Put it on your shoulders and learn from me. I am gentle and humble, and you will find rest.  This yoke is easy to bear, and this burden is light.

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