6 Ways to Encourage Your Husband

As a wife, you should be your husband’s number one cheerleader. I remember when my husband and I got married five years ago I was all about this. I remember I was constantly thinking of little ways to surprise him and encourage him, but as the years slipped by, life only got busier, and sometimes I found that I forgot about my role as his encourager. It is easy to get caught up talking about “real life” things, that sometimes those little things we used to do slip to the wayside. 

Today I want to remind you to never stop cheering your husband on, never stop encouraging him, and never stop loving him in practical ways.  Let’s look at six ways we can be our husband’s number one encourager:

1.  Write Him Love Notes:

Write your husband little love notes and tuck them away in places he will be sure to find them. Under his pillow? Taped to the door when he comes home? Stuck on the fridge with a magnet? In his car? There is something special about your husband stumbling upon a sweet note from you that will give his day an automatic boost.

2.  Give a 10 Second Kiss:

I heard this said at a marriage conference in our first year of marriage, and it was brought back to my memory the other day: we need to give our spouse a 10 second kiss each day. Not little kisses, like the way you would kiss your mom, but passionate “kiss him like you mean it” kisses. This is especially important if your husband’s love tank is fueled by physical touch; this will be just what he needs before he goes off to work each day. 

3. Write Scriptures Out For Him:

If you come across a scripture that you know will encourage him, write it on a post-it and send it with him in his lunch to work that day. You can also text it to him. Regardless of what method of delivery you choose, send Him the Word of God. Fill Him up with who God’s Word says he is. 

4. Get Him a Special Treat:

Whether that is waking up a half hour early to get him his favorite coffee, or maybe running by the grocery store on your way home from work to get him some ice cream, treat your husband to something he would love, no strings attached. Doing something just because you love him will make him feel honored and respected. It will acknowledge that you see his hard work and know he deserves to be treated. 

5. Pray For Your Husband

Ask your husband, “Is there anything specific I can pray about for you today?” Maybe your husband isn’t really the type to open up like that, then listen to what he says about his work life, his family, his friends, and then let him know that you have been praying for him by saying, “Hey, I have been praying about that big project you have going on at work. I know God is going to bless you and give you all the wisdom you need to thrive.” Your prayers will ignite a confidence in your husband.

6. Verbal Affirmation:

This is the most obvious, but sometimes it is the easiest to forget. We need to encourage our husbands with our words in every aspect of his life. We need to use our words to build him up at work, to encourage him as a husband, to appreciate the father he is, and to also just build him up as a man. Compliment his looks, his character, his spiritual leadership… If you think something that is edifying about your husband, say it out loud.  

These are just six ways that we can be encouragers to our husband, but there are so many other ways. Be creative, and be intentional about building up your husband. When he feels better, he will lead you better. Never underestimate the power of your encouragement.