Your Inner Child

As a child, the Christmas season was and is a wonderful and magical time of the year. Our eyes were bright and wide as we took in every twinkly light and all of the sudden unexplained joy was present in the home and other places, even the grocery store. But as we get older, the cheer and wonder can fade, and the lights begin to dim. Life has taken a toll and the Christmas season becomes just another to get by. Truth is, we’re all guilty of getting caught up within the to-do lists and the pressures of making Christmas an enjoyable time for everyone. So, I encourage you, take the time this season to read the Christmas story and put yourself in the mind of when you were a child again! To make it a little easier for you, I’ve created a guide to help bring back that youthful cheer, create a stress-free season, and to bring hope to others. 

Put Aside the To-Do List

It’s understandable and unrealistic to simply ignore the Christmas errands. It can be difficult to settle into the spirit and have a care-free good time with family and friends when you have what feels like an infinite to-do list in your head. So, make a list of everything on your mind and write it onto paper or your phone notes! Doing this will help you feel more organized and able to enjoy the festivities. If you time manage right, you can get it done early! 

Traditional Cookies Recipe

Every year my mom and I make these classic sugar-based cookies for every holiday! For Christmas, we bring out the passed down cookie cutters in shapes of bells and trees and make dozens to give out to neighbors and coworkers. It’s super easy and fun to get a little flour in the hair and on the cheeks with family and friends. Save the photo below for the recipe.

YN recipe.png

Give Hope

Not all of us are so fortunate to cook the Christmas dinner and receive/give presents, so every year my family and I choose how to give. After all, giving is a huge factor in the Christmas season! From the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry (packing a shoebox of goodies to send to a child in e.g Africa) to bringing those homemade cookies to the local police station, there is something for everyone!

Easy Simple Decorations

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...” takes on a whole new meaning when you decorate inside your home. I find interior designing one of the most important aspects to creating an environment that you love and feel cozy in. In my home, it becomes a real-life wonderland with D-I-Y mason jar crafts, lights, and banners. My family and I definitely go a bit extreme compared to the normal, but if we only have approximately 30 days to celebrate Christmas, you can bet I will go to the extreme! Here are a few easy (and cheap, hello) decorations to amplify the spirit in your home!

  • Twinkle lights  

  • Winter scented Candle

  • Mini Christmas Tree

Movie Night

Grab your fuzziest blanket, festive socks, and family or friends (fuzzy or human), and pop in a Christmas movie! From the original cartoon classics such as Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, to the sweet comedies like Dr. Suess How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Elf. There are so many different Christmas movies ranging from corny comedies (Jingle All the Way) to Hallmark (The Christmas Card), there’s something for everyone! Personally, White Christmas is a favorite of mine and I like to cry at every scene with a cup of coffee and homemade sweets! 

Happy Holidays sister and I hope you find yourself afresh and in wonder for the new year. 

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