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The months ahead are filled with a certain atmosphere, where many take delight in the simplicity of just being. 

Whether it be in the presence of their families or enjoying a break from the stresses of everyday work, everyone seems a bit more joyful during the winter. We decorate three different times within a matter of months. We gather together with family and friends to celebrate, reminisce and dream. How often do we take pause? How often do we slow down long enough to take in the beauty of God, the life He has given us and the world He has created?

This quarter, She Leads Daily will be diving into the theme “Wonder.” I love this word for two reasons: we are daughters of a wonderful God and we are heading into a season of wonder. 

From being grateful during Thanksgiving for all God has provided, to celebrating the birth of Christ at Christmas, then heading into a new year full of hope and expectation, God provides us with a variety of circumstances to glorify Him.

We are called to have child-like faith and with faith, even the size of a mustard seed, we can portray our heavenly Father’s love to the world - especially during a time known for the amount of giving. We may give our time, love, attention and gifts all in the name of our Father.

Our writers will be diving into how to lead a life awestruck by His love, mercy, and father-like nature. We want to highlight our Father's incredible characteristics, who He is and who He has created us to be. 

As we step into a state of awe this season, let us not forget that we have a loving Father and that He created us, His beautiful daughters, gifted with a multitude of talents and characteristics worthy to represent His name.

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