Our Responsibility to You

She Leads Daily’s new theme can be the perfect reminder of not only our own influence, but the influence of those around us and how God orchestrates it all. 

This quarter we are looking at impact - of God, others, ourselves and all the in-between moments and things you may not even realize have a part in our lives.


As an online community, we realize the responsibility we have to you - our tribe. We always want to be a safe space where we can be raw and honest about faith and being a woman in modern society. That is our mission after all!


We seek to help women around the world find unity through their diversity, honesty though our realness and empowerment through our conversations. Our words have power, and when we are listening to God in what we should say, we pray the words that run across this platform reach out to you - your heart, mind and soul - in an impactful way.

My Calling:

I realize in this era saturated with “your company needs to see your face,” I fail to put myself before you as the face behind it all. I was called to lead this community and feel it is much larger than myself. I want this company to always point back to God. 

You will not see me using personal influence to guide She Leads Daily. You will not see me popping up on your social media every day to simply say hi or to sell you product. She Leads Daily is more about providing you resources to challenge you in your faith walk and to grow together as a community of women in love with an incredible God.

Maybe I should apologize for lack of being like everyone else, but I feel God is using this platform for good and we promise to always listen to God in every area of business.

It Starts & Ends with God:

That’s right, all impact should start and end with God. If what we do, say and feel does not align with the Almighty, what purpose does it hold? 

The culmination of articles over the next three months come from women just like you. Each pulling from their own experiences and life lessons from God though different seasons in their lives. From seniors in college to empty nesters, each have a unique perspective on this theme that they are passionate to share.

Throughout this quarter, we encourage you - our readers - to interact with the writers in the comments section of their individual articles and on social media. Let’s dive in together!

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