Tips for Memorizing Scripture

Reading the Bible is valuable for our souls and our walk with God. However, our time in the Bible does not and should not be limited just by looking at the text. When we aren’t looking directly at scripture, we can turn it over and over again in our minds with memorization. 

I must admit I’m not the best with memorization, but it is something I am trying to build upon. Right now I only remember shortened phrases or stories – and find myself scrambling to locate it in the Bible. We each can improve our memorization skills with some of these tips! 

Read, read out loud, and repeat. 

Learn the context of the verse and then read the verse as much as possible, including the reference. 

Slowly add phrases. 

The Navigators suggest breaking down the verse or passage into smaller parts. Once you can successfully state the first portion with the reference, keep adding! But when you add the second part, include the first portion too so you can learn how the pieces fit together. 

Write it out. 

Writing works wonders on the brain – it creates new patterns/connections that help us remember things. I personally remember better when I write notes. Keep writing down the verses and passages to help remember it better. 

Rest and relax.

Sleeping well helps the brain. Stress also disrupts the memory-forming process, so take a break! Even enjoy a cup of coffee or tea – researchers at Johns Hopkins found that caffeine acts as a memory stimulant. 

Review regularly.

Keep a collection of verses that you are memorizing. Review the verses every few days to keep it firmly in your mind with flashcards. Or you can ask a friend to help you review and both of you can be refreshed by the Word!

Memorization takes time and effort, but do not be discouraged. The time we spend in the Word is valuable in itself and memorization is another gift and skill we can develop! 

I’m currently memorizing Philippians 4:8… how about you? Share your favorite verses in the comments!

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