Daffodils don’t need reminding to bloom

Harsh winters pass and her stalk peaks through the soil like clockwork

I’ve lived through seasons that felt like the longest winter unsure if new growth inside These dry bones would ever blossom

Doubtful of Your sovereignty

and goodness

Ready for the other shoe to drop





But then the moon rose and called out the light within 

 To illuminate the darkness I was afraid to unmask

You wiped the mud from my eyes and Your iridescent promises reflected You in me Tears shed for this sacrifice quench my soul as my seedling begins to push 

Through the dirt nourishing my purpose

I am empty and free

Capacity vast as all You’ve created

I am open and ready

Pour into me until only Your overflow spills onto every thing connected to me

Expectancy satiates my appetite as I look for You to move

Far too many days spent questioning the very thing my gut knew

 To be authentically from You

I kneel at Your feet in repentance 

I believe You

I choose You

I love You