What Does God Look Like


A part of “image” is the fact that though we may not see, we still believe. To me, that is one of the coolest parts of Christianity. 

So with that said, we all probably have an idea of what God looks like. Maybe you imagine His face or maybe when you see God, it is in other people or nature. 

I decided to ask people around me what they thought of when they thought of God and here are the list of answers…

  • “The universe and the force giving life and free will.”

  • “Light.”

  • “Sunlight”

  • “Life, power and love”

  • “A divine creator. Someone who is in control with our best interest at heart.”

  • “Nature, His raw creation, goodness”

  • Mercy, grace, but most importantly unending love”

  • “Light”

  • “Hope restored. I see a man named Jesus. I see a hand reaching out to me- intimacy.”

  • “Love!”

  • “A perfect father”

I also asked another friend who said “I don’t know what I think of when I see God. I don’t see anything.” Maybe you are the same way. 

I challenge you to think about God and what He looks like to you. The list above is so many different things, but none of them are wrong because our God is everything and everywhere. 

I personally see God in other people, such as when a stranger does something kind. I also see Him in answered prayers. 

Our faith is on the basis of not seeing, but I firmly believe that God makes Himself seen every minute of every day. He wants to show us His love and grace and that He is always with us. Next time you wake up to a beautiful sunset, that is God greeting you good morning. Next time a friend helps you when you are having a bad day, that is God sending tangible love down. Next time you do something kind for a stranger, that is God in you. 

Our Lord is everywhere if you look for Him. Think about what He looks like to you and be on the lookout, you will find Him everywhere.