Following Blindly


I am sure you all have a favorite worship song. Mine changes from time to time, but usually I get stuck on one phrase or sentence that really makes me think. 

Recently, my favorite song has been “New Wine” by Hillsong Worship. In the song, right before the chorus, it says “When I trust you, I do not need to understand.” 

Just think about that for a minute. When we fully trust the Lord, it is not because we know what is going to happen and we are okay with it. It is because we have no idea what will happen, but even then we know He has a plan. 

Think about it this way; a service dog for the visually impaired leads those who can not see the path ahead. The dog leads the person every day and helps them move ahead. We may not see what lies ahead, but if we trust in the Lord, we will have a peace about where we are headed.

We put all our trust in Him blindly. 

I think there is something so special about our faith that we can trust in something we can not see. Our God is too big for us to see or imagine but we know He is with us. He guides us and helps us through every moment of our lives, whether you trust Him or not. 

But why wouldn’t we trust Him? He is a God of miracles and love, compassion, truth, joy, and the list could go on forever. 

I understand that I am just a small human. My brain only knows a small amount of things about this big world we all live in. So when I am scared and confused about what might happen in my life, I know the Creator of the universe knows. I trust that while things might not turn out the way I imagined, they are exactly how God wanted them. 

Next time your life takes an unexpected turn, say a quick prayer for trust. Say “I trust you Lord. Lead me.” Know that no matter what happens, God is taking care of you and writing your story. Let Him be the author and enjoy the journey.