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Ah, at last. Spring has sprung! The air is fresh again. The birds have come back and sing their songs. The weather is getting warmer. The earth is alive again. And best of all? Baseball season is back! 

For many people, spring is a time for celebrations: graduations, weddings and new lives to be announced. Just in the first week of March, I saw seven pregnancy announcements and three weddings pop up on my Facebook newsfeed alone! Spring is a time for celebrating all things new in life.

With all there is to celebrate in the springtime, the greatest celebration is one that we see in the Christian faith- Easter and what it means for us. As followers of Christ, we have all heard about the meaning of Easter. We are taught that we will have a new life, through accepting Christ into our lives and with Him giving His life for us. 

In the book of Matthew, we learn of Jesus’s earthly death and of his resurrection following three days. We are taught about the events of the day and how the world came to know of His resurrection and purpose. In Matthew 28:1-6, we are told by an angel that He has risen from the grave. 

The first believers that were told of his resurrection were women, who were instructed to inform the disciples of the good news. Isn’t it insane how, even in times such as these, women were entrusted to share the news of Jesus’ return, the fulfillment of the prophecy,  to his closest followers?  

It is in the book of John we learn what his resurrection means for us.

“Whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.” (John 3:16-17, English Standard Version)

In these passages, we learn about what it means to have new life in Christ. A new life in Christ acknowledges that He is Lord and that His sacrifice is the reason we will have new life. There is a time in our lives, where we all choose to step into the light, or what I consider the “springtime” of our life, by acknowledging and accepting Jesus into your life and heart. 

Accepting Jesus into your life does not mean that it will always be springtime, however. Just as the world continues to experience seasons, our lives will continue to experience seasons as well. As Christians, we will experience “summers” that consist of everything going according to your plans, “autumns” that consist of preparing for the eventual winter ahead and working to secure the life you have planned, as well as “winters” dealing with struggles or hardships where it feels like everything around you is falling apart or dying. 

But do not fear, for the springtime will also cycle back around in your life as well. Every spring will feel like a breath of fresh air and a newfound astonishment that yes, He will, in fact, take care of us. 

Once you accept Jesus, you do not suddenly lose all the newness of springtime forever. Other “springs” may consist of births in your family that you have prayed for and He answered, when you step into a leadership role to expand your calling or even conquering something you have been battling for longer than you can even remember. 

Seasons change, both worldly and spiritually, but there is one season that will never change. The season of giving that was created by the greatest gift the world has ever known; the Son of God sacrificing his life and promising that “...whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16, ESV) so that we will be able to celebrate our newness of life with Him every single day for the rest of eternity. 

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