The Heart of a Woman

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As men would say, women are mystery. There are things about us that, without one important part, don’t make much sense.  That important part is, God. Without him, parts of us might not make much sense, not only to men, but also us as women. The heart of a woman, reveals to the world a part of the heart of God. 

You’ll see in magazines women wear dresses, makeup, do their hair really nice, and look like the most beautiful part of creation you’ve ever seen. This used to make me angry. Why is it that girls only look beautiful, and nothing else? Why is our beauty constantly the only part of the conversation? I wanted to be so much more. But underneath that, I was bitter because I didn’t feel beautiful. And I feared that if I wasn’t beautiful, I wouldn’t have anything to offer as a woman. If I’m not captivating, then what am I? These were the questions that plagued my mind. I was angry at women for being beautiful. I was mad because I believed I wasn’t. So, I sought to make women so much more than just beautiful (which we are, don’t get me wrong). I began to become angry towards romantic movies, because they always included a beautiful girl, twirling in a gown almost as beautiful as she, with her lover. I couldn’t handle it. And I refused to be a girl in need of rescue. My bitter heart was not only hurting my soul, but hurting the feelings of the one who created me. 

God created us specifically, and he gave us qualities that he didn’t give to men. Not that we can’t be strong too, but the way were designed is different, in a beautiful way. In a way that brings glory to God. I’ve been reading this incredible book called, Captivating, by Stasi Eldredge. It is challenging me to think differently about myself, and other women. It shows me the beauty God created in women, and the wonder he planted in our hearts. She writes, “Eve was given to the world as the incarnation of a beautiful captivating God --a life offering, life saving lover, a relational specialist full of tender mercy and hope. Yes, she brought a strength to the world, but not a striving, sharp- edged strength. She was inviting, alluring, captivating” (Eldredge 45). You see, she is beautiful. He created her to be. It isn’t something to be ashamed of, or angry at. The world has put a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way, and they have called that beautiful. God is telling you, the very essence of who you are as a woman is, beautiful. When he created us, beauty was the first part. Deep down we know this. Why do you think the beauty industry makes so much money? As women, we want to know that we are beautiful, and worthy of a pursuit. We want to be noticed, and we want a man to be captivated by our beauty. 

Yes, we are so much more beyond beauty, but it is a part of us. This isn’t a bad thing. Who doesn’t love being told they are beautiful? I don’t ever get tired of it. If I am out, and another woman, or man takes the time out of their day to acknowledge my beauty, I am ecstatic. It dances in my mind the entire day, and my heart is full of joy. Admit it, we love it. We love it, because we are complimented on a part of us that is meant to be celebrated and acknowledged. The enemy knows how beautiful we are, and he hates it. He comes to rob us of our beauty, and has even made us believe our beauty doesn’t exist. He knows how deep this can cut, which is why it’s his easiest target to us, as women.  God has put desires, dreams, and longings in the heart of a woman. These aren’t something to be ashamed of, but to celebrate. Some of us have hardened our hearts to these desires and longings. Some have even denied their existence. But the truth is, deep down, they remain. Longing to be chosen, isn’t a bad thing. God longs to be chosen by his children. He longs to be a priority. This is the heart of God displayed in a woman’s heart.

The other day, my sister had just gotten her hair done. She looked radiant. She was glowing, and full of beauty. She was wearing a dress, and she was soaking in all of her beauty. The next day, she felt entirely different. She felt that her beauty had been taken from her. She started listening to the lies of the enemy, and believed she was no longer captivating. It only takes one lie, and it can cause us to question God. She came to me, crying, saying that she wasn’t beautiful. Just the other day, she was spinning in her dress, living her beauty well. Then, instantly, the devil came, and told her she wasn’t. This lie hurt deeply. Why? Because when our beauty is attacked, we lose a part of us. Since God created Eve as the “Crown of Creation”, when we feel we’ve lost our beauty, we feel like we’ve lost everything. We begin to sink into our rooms, or food, or whatever it is, and we hide. We hide ourselves, because we have lost an important part of us. The truth is, we haven’t lost it, we just chose to believe the lie that we had. It is still there, waiting for you to believe it. This why the devil attacks this part of us. He knows if he can get us to believe we are not beautiful, then, he can get us to turn to other things to try and find that beauty, leaving us angry at God and refusing to let him into the picture. 

What will you choose? Will you believe the lie, or celebrate the truth? God created us to be beautiful, it is the essence of a woman. When God created Eve, he said, “very, good.” Don’t allow the devil to come in and speak lies to you. You are beautiful, captivating, and worthy of a pursuit. Your father knew what he was doing when he created you. He reveals himself through our hearts. Allow your feminine heart to return, if you have hid it from the world. Allow vulnerability back in. Allow your desires to arise, and allow God to love you fully. You are DARLING, yes YOU. Yes, we are strong, yes, we are leaders too, but there is so much beauty in our femininity that I feel has been neglected by some of us. Celebrate your feminine heart, because through it, you Father is revealed. 

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