Permission to Pursue Your Dreams

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Have you ever felt like someone put you in a box? Perhaps even felt like the whole world, your church, or family put you in a box? Things like telling what to do, what role to play, who to become.

I have found that as women there are a lot of things that are placed on us as expectations. Things from what we do in the home to what we choose as our career. We are told how far we can advance and how much we can succeed. 

Society, people, and the world create a box for us, and sometimes, with the ticking of time and responsibilities of aging, we choose to get inside the box and accept it.

Darling, you weren’t called to just accept the life that others set out for you. You were called and created to live a life of adventure with God. One where you are constantly stepping out in faith, experiencing His power, and seeing your desires come to life.

I have had so many conversation with women of all ages and stages of life. And through those conversation I have discovered a few things:

First, every single woman has a beautiful vision on their heart that they desire to pursue.

Secondly, women are afraid to be called leaders.

These two things have resulted in me realizing that as women, we are seeking the permission to pursue. Permission to pursue the desire and call we so clearly know is tugging on our heart.

What if I told you that you have permission to pursue your dream? And what if I added that God not only gives you the permission to pursue, but He so strongly desires for you to pursue it?

As a woman of God, you have an invaluable role to play in this life. You are a crucial part of the body of Christ. And scripture tells us that who God calls He equips. And if you have a calling on your life then you have been equipped.

You CAN be a mom and a wife AND pursue what God has called you to do. Just look at Deborah in the Bible (Book of Judges Chapter 4). She was a wife and a mother and she also held an influential role as the only woman judge. She was a light in the world of politics, a rescuer of her people, and most importantly a woman created and called by God to accomplish all of these amazing tasks.

There is beauty in being a mother and raising up the next generation. There is beauty in being a wife and being a godly example of a holy marriage with your spouse, and there is beauty in pursuing the call that God has for your life. Your mission impossible because you are a warrior princess.

Darling, if you are looking for the permission to pursue your dream, you have it. Go after it. Pursue it. Take your dream, and live it. Let the One who created you guide and show you the beautiful life He called and created you to live.

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