At-Home Date Night Ideas

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Date nights are fun, but for plenty of reasons there are times we can’t actually go out. 

So how about some at-home date night ideas? There’s plenty of ideas for date nights floating around on the internet, but sometimes those lists can seem overwhelming. 

Below find five easy and inexpensive at-home date night ideas:

  • Movie Night
    Rent a new movie you’ve been wanting to see, pop some popcorn, and watch a movie. But have some fun with it. Watch in bed, make a pallet in the middle of the floor, add twinkle lights, and get each other’s favorite snacks. 

  • Sushi Night
    Get all your ingredients ready and spend time making sushi at home. It’s a fun little activity, leads to laughs, and is quality time together.

  • Outdoor Dancing
    Set up some mood lighting and music. Enjoy some time dancing together. Candles, twinkle lights, outdoor lanterns. Use whatever you have!  

  • Game Night
    Learn a new game or play an old one. Dominos and chess have been recent favorites for us. Make a snack tray, some fun drinks, and enjoy that time together.

  • Dream Chat
    It’s so easy for us to get busy and not share our dreams with each other. Take some time to sit down and chat about dreams and desires for today, the year, or your life together. Write and doodle things out. Connect with each other and talk about things you usually don’t talk about.

Prioritizing date nights seem to be pushed at us often through social media. If you can’t go out, don’t stress. The point is not going out, the point is prioritizing your relationship. 

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