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Kelsey Christine Photography

About the business:  Kelsey is a portrait photographer specializing in editorial, fashion and wedding photography in Orange County. She grew up in the visual and performing art world but knew as soon as she first stepped foot into the darkroom, she knew that photography was the career path for her. "Photography combines all of my interests: raw emotions, beautiful places, exciting people, story telling...and once everything is said and done, you get to share the outcome with the world and touch people's lives in a small way. Photographs are amazing!" Kelsey went on to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Photography from California State University of Fullerton in 2014. She worked in many mediums, including installation, drawing, and 3D design, and expanded her perception of what art means and the power it holds. "Art is about ideas. Whatever materials or means you use to create a piece is simply a pathway for viewers to get on the artist’s wavelength." After working in the field part-time for many years, Kelsey decided to take the plunge in August of 2016 and pursue a full-time career in freelance photography. When Kelsey’s not shooting, you can find her crafting, binge watching something on Netflix, treasure hunting at a local thrift store, or spending time with her husband, Jared, and their puppy, Olive.

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