6 Podcasts That Will Change Your Life

Podcasts have become something that most people listen to on an ongoing basis. I know that for me personally, having something inspirational, life-changing and educational to listen to while I work or get ready is part of my daily routine.

Lately, I have discovered a few podcasts that have really changed my life. They have challenged me and grown me in new ways and have deepened my faith.

I’d like to share these 6 podcast episodes with you in hopes that they will grow yours too:

1. Title: Woman

       By: The Liturgists


2. Title: Women in Leadership

      By: Vox Community


3. Title: Black Christian Woman’s Survival Guide

     By: Truth’s Table


4. Title: The Art of Race

    By: Vox Community


5. Title: The Story of Ruth

    By: Ballard Church


6. Title: Is the Bible Anti-Women?

    By: Vox Community