Intentional Goal-Setting to Start Your Year Successfully

 Bio: Shi Chen is a leadership & success coach for Christian women in business.  She helps coaches, creative, and service providers to step up as a leader and connect with their tribe so they can make an impact in their industry.  She hosts the Facebook community of online female entrepreneurs, Authentic Brand Leaders, and creates resources on her web site at  

Course Description: You have a God-given vision for your business, but you’re spinning your wheels wondering where to start, or what to do next.  In this Masterclass for Christian Women Entrepreneurs, Shi Chen will help you to ditch self-sabotage and overcome fears to learn a new framework of setting intentional business goals, based on your values, priorities, and practical action steps.  You will learn: 

• common mindset traps Christian women have around setting goals and how to create a more empowering belief system

• a step-by-step process to turn your business vision into a 90-day action plan 

• a specific structure to write out your goals so they’re meaningful, actionable, and accountable

By the end, you’ll be empowered to create intentional goals to start your year off successfully!  

To accèss the workshop, you can either join our She Leads Business Membership, or you can register via this link.