How to Create Unshakeable Confidence

Course Description: You know you have a God given talent and have been called to share it. God has placed that longing on your heart so strongly, but you find yourself doubting, feeling defeated, and wondering how it will all really come to fruition in the future. Well my friend, just know it is NORMAL to have these doubts, but how you handle them will pave the way for your future. In this training I am going to teach you:

1. Some of the most common limiting beliefs and lies women tell themselves when starting a business (and even when running a successful business!)

2. You will learn the importance of working on your confidence where you are at TODAY, so that it does not follow you next level in business

3. You will learn the difference between scarcity (lack) mindset vs abundance (growth) mindset

4. I will share several scriptures with you to help you "step into your winning armor" each and every day

5. And you will each be gifted with my Abundance Mindset Workbook to keep you supported even after this training is over!

By the end you will be clothed with the full armor of God to go out, put your dreams into action, and start creating a big IMPACT in the world Confident Lady!

Course Instructor: Hey beauties I'm Kate, a trained Psychotherapist now doing Confidence & Mindset Coaching with women in business. I've been married for three years, but have known my hubs since we were 15 years old. We adopted a rescue puppy last February who we are absolutely in LOVE with. I'm a very extraverted person (ENFJ), but need quite a bit of alone time to dream, process, and be still in my thoughts. I love to read, bake, cook, and watch Fixer Upper (pretty much the only tv I will watch)! And I've actually done quite a few home renos with the hubs over the past few years! KATECROCCO.COM

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