Chosen by God

I realized in that moment when I call out my fears and give them a name, when I admit to myself and to Jesus what I'm struggling with, the burden is lifted. Disappointment still stings, however, it isn't crippling and it doesn't define who I am.

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Humility in an Instagram World

I lacked the strength of purpose that could have helped me rise above the more inconsequential battles I was having: the jealousy of other women, the discouragement of feeling insignificant and behind, and the indignation I felt over the mass-deception taking place in front of my eyes. 

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The Path from Perfection

Shifting from a Martha to a Mary mindset required an unraveling of lies. It still does. I have to choose every day to let go a bit more. It’s messy, it’s imperfect and I often find myself going back to my checklist in an effort to regain control.

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Lessons in Love: Part 2

I served and loved God for many years before I truly embraced the fact that He loved me. Unfortunately, keeping that wall up is what allowed me to be conditional with others. I didn’t want to love others because they hurt me, they disappointed me, or they didn’t live like I did. Maybe I was nice to them, but I was judging them.

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Changing Hearts and Airplanes

I was so far from clean and steadfast. My eyes had been darkened in my own selfish pursuit to get what I wanted out of life and love. I manipulated my way through life, and I surely felt very little compassion for other people. I never dreamed how God could plant the truth of His word so deeply. 

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His Image Before Ours

Sometimes the best life lessons are learned through other’s mistakes. Saul, the first king of Israel, is exhibit A. Here is a man full of such promise. At first, he appears to be God’s man. But over time, his true heart allegiance is revealed.

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