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Child of Wonder

See God’s love for you the way a mother sees a baby. Know God’s delight in you the way a child delights in his surroundings. Experience wonder the way only a child can, and through it all, know God’s in a whole new way.

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Holiday Blues

Friends, the holiday season is upon us. Whether or not you are a fan of the shopping, lights, toys, and gatherings…the focus should remain on the fact that it does not have to be perfect in your eyes.

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Marriage Prep

There are a multitude of reasons why we, as women, convince ourselves of staying in a relationship even when we know something is off. But what if we chose to not settle, to wait for the man God created for us.

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Character Study: Rahab

I see that she was tired of things being the way they had always been, that she was terrified of what the future held, and that she chose to believe that a different life was possible, that she could get out of these less than ideal circumstances. And as a result, I see that her obedience paid off, not only for her and her family in the moment, but for generation after generation, all the way to you and me.

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Dear Single Ladies

There are seasons and life paths and decisions and goals and preferences, all unique and specific for everyone. None are more or less important than the other, no one is falling behind because they haven’t checked off all the boxes. And every season can be enjoyed and teach you valuable lessons. 

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